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Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy UK – Best Techniques

Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy UK – Best Techniques

Mastectomy is a medical term for the surgical removal of whole breast from the chest of women due to breast cancer. It is usually done to treat the breast cancer. After the mastectomy breast reconstruction is done to rebuild the breasts so that as it was before. During the process of mastectomy, the nipple and areola also removed. So during breast reconstruction process nipple and areola also added to the breast. Usually the breast reconstruction involves more than one operation but the more complex operation is first one.

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy UK

Different techniques are used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy UK. Mostly the technique that is used in United Kingdom for breast reconstruction is immediate breast reconstruction.

Some best techniques that are considered to be best for best reconstruction are as follows

The most common technique that is used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy UK is breast implants, and the most important among the breast implants is saline filled implants. It is actually a silicon shell that is filled with the salt water. It is the best option for breast reconstruction in the United Kingdom. In the past this technique was not considered best for breast reconstruction due to immune system disease, but the recent medical study on silicon shows that silicone breast implants does not increase the disease or risk of immune system in the human body. Food and Drug Administration approve silicon breast implant as a best technique in the year 2006.

Medical surgery is another technique that is used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy UK. Two types of surgery techniques are used for breast reconstruction; the first is one stage breast reconstruction and second is two stage breast reconstructions.

One stage breast reconstruction is also known as immediate breast reconstruction. It is considered to be the best breast reconstruction after mastectomy UK. Most of the surgeon in the United Kingdom used this type of surgery for breast reconstruction. In the immediate breast reconstruction process, soft tissues from the back of the donor are taken for the purpose of breast implants. This technique is very difficult and need most professional surgeon to handle the surgery with best care.

Two stage breast reconstructions is easier than the one stage. Two stage breast reconstruction also known as delayed reconstruction, because it allows some options to you. If the surgical biopsies during the two stage surgery show that radiation is needed, then the next step of surgery will be delayed till the process of radiation completes. If the radiation dose not needed then there is no delay, surgeon starts away with the tissue expander and start the second surgery.

Another technique used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy UK is tissue flap procedure. In this technique the soft tissue from the back, tummy, and thighs are used to rebuild the breasts. Two most common ways are used for the flap tissue procedure. Usually the soft tissue and abdominal muscle are used to reconstruct the breast.
Above are discussed main techniques that are used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy UK. These techniques involve much complex procedures so you must need to understand the whole procedure before going to the mastectomy procedure and breast reconstruction.

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