Wednesday, May 17, 2017

7 Rare Activities of Dogs Which are Unknown to The Owners

Dogs have different types of behaviors and activities which they make in their free times. They show variety in their perception and reaction according to the situation. Sometimes health condition makes them to do something strange. If they are alone at home they make some sounds which we have not heard before. Besides they make some emotional activities while having pain in their body or suffer from any diseases. To know the reason of their making these rare activities you need to read the points below:

1. Barking at people: When a dog finds someone strange or someone doing something strange It barks. Your dog will become highly tempted to see something strange and unnecessary works.  If it sees a sign of danger it becomes very much excited and starts barking at that. Besides the dog barks at the people if it has been suffering from hydrophobia.

2. Making Wild Sounds : whenever a dog becomes too much ill or have pain in a specified place it makes some wild sounds. Besides it cries out also to know about the coming danger of your house. When it hears some sounds to come from any places it reacts against them. Your dog may also make rare and wild sound to see something strange. Whenever you have been carrying something in a bag food or other dangerous items, you will find your dog to make sound like barking or other wild type.

3. Running Fast : Your dog will run very fast when it finds someone to run or another dog like him. To make competition with others the dog becomes very excited on the street and it runs to pass them. If it finds foods or bones fallen anywhere it immediately take a quick running to reach to the bone.

4. Attacking & Biting : If you find your dog to make something wild such as barking or attacking, you can be sure of its having hydrophobia. This hydrophobia makes its teeth so forced that it cannot but bite anyone at all. It becomes ferocious when the effect of hydrophobia reaches to uncontrolled condition. Then it finds people or other animals to bite or attack on them.

5. Licking Its Body : When your dog have a lot of allergy it becomes worried and feel better to lick its whole body. Besides it face problems inside its hair of insects and bugs. When pests and bugs bite your dog then it becomes excited and starts licking its whole body surfaces. You have to take care of dog and keep it away to mix with others or in the dirt also.

6. Painful Effects: Sometimes your dog gets hurt and it cannot control its pain. Then it makes some sounds like emotional or leave eating and drinking. It becomes helpless and inactive in its works and playing with children. You have to unfold the problem of your dog’s to know if it got hurt anywhere or not. If you can discover its problem you have to solve that immediately to let it out of its painful emotions.
7. Over Eating : Dogs need food to live and grow up but sometimes it starts overeating. It happens when your dog faces the problems of digestion properly. Sometimes it makes toilets more and more for having belly problems then your dog needs to eat more and more. So you have to analysis the problem of your dog to treat its diseases. There are a few people who cannot make their dogs satisfied to give good recipe treats so their dogs eat more and more to complete their satisfaction for hunger.

You can acquire the basic of pet care reading these steps and will be able to find out the reasons of your dogs different activities. If you find something wrong with your dog you can take immediate step to show your dog to a veteran. For its having hydrophobia virus attack your family member may be injured by your dog. So you need to check up those problems of your dog to know about its activities or behaviors which may lead your dog to the worst position in future.

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